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Succeed and shine

Choose your level below to watch Oxford’s Two Minute Teacher Tips for Ace! with authors and teacher trainers Katherine & Steve Bilsborough and Suzanne Torres to learn more about your coursebook and for lots of practical tips, ideas and more for your Primary classroom!


Choose your level:

  • 1Open or Close

    Ace! 1

    Ace! 1: Monty and Lola and the Magic Book Cupboard

    Ace! 1: Making the most of Mrs. Drew's Values

    Ace! 1: The cross-curriculaar posters

    Ace! 1: Acting out the unit story

  • 2Open or Close

    Ace! 2

    Ace! 2: The importance of culture in Ace!

    Ace! 2: Supporting children with mixed abilities

    Ace! 2: Materials for developing literacy

    Ace! 2: Developing skills for external exams

  • 3Open or Close

    Ace! 3

    Ace! 3: The characters and their magical objects

    Ace! 3: Routines for setting up activities

    Ace! 3: Opportunities for reading

    Ace! 3: Flashcard and wordcard ideas

  • 4Open or Close

    Ace! 4

    Ace! 4: CLIL, CALP and BICS

    Ace! 4: Ideas bank

    Ace! 4: Giving instructions

    Ace! 4: Develop listening skills with longer texts

  • 5

    Ace! 5

    Ace! 5: Billy, Jilly and Milly's homework

    Ace! 5: Preparing for external exams - Speaking

    Ace! 5: What's different about the Ace! Songs for 5 & 6 Primary?

    Ace! 5: Reading and writing skills in 5 & 6 Primary

  • 6Open or Close

    Ace! 6

    Ace! 6: Carefully staged grammar presentation and practice

    Ace! 6: Preparing for external exams: Listening

    Ace! 6: Exploiting the cultural content in Ace! 5 and 6

    Ace! 6: Tips for the Ace! class presentations