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A fresh approach to learning English

Choose your level below to watch Oxford's Two Minute Teacher Tips for Mosaic with author and teacher trainer Paul Kelly and ELT expert Simon Ferdinand to learn more about your coursebook and for lots of practical tips, ideas and more for your Secondary classroom!


Choose your level:

  • 1Open or Close

    Mosaic 1

    Mosaic 1: Methodology and key features

    Mosaic 1: Successful learner outcomes

    Mosaic 1: Resources

    Mosaic 1: Using the four skills

  • 2Open or Close

    Mosaic 2

    Mosaic 2: Teaching reading

    Mosaic 2: Teaching vocabulary

    Mosaic 2: Teaching reading

    Mosaic 2: Teaching cultural awareness

  • 3

    Mosaic 3

    Mosaic 3: Methodology and key features

    Mosaic 3: Adapting tasks for pair and group work

    Mosaic 3: Integrated approach

    Mosaic 3: Collaboration

  • 4

    Mosaic 4

    Mosaic 4: Using the iPack

    Mosaic 4: Developing effective communication

    Mosaic 4: Getting the most out of Mosaic video

    Mosaic 4: Using the CLIL pages